Make your Android phone smoother

The cell phone has been used for a long time, and there are still some stuck, which is also caused by various factors.

Virus killing

When your phone suddenly suffers from severe freezes, you have to be careful! This is most likely caused by virus software installed on the phone. When the mobile phone is running, the virus software is also secretly running in the background, seizing the running space of the mobile phone and slowing down the running speed of the mobile phone. If it is more serious, it may steal personal privacy information and cause property damage!

Clean up phone memory

Mobile phone capacity is like a room, and the stored files are furniture and debris. The more things in the room, the slower you must find them. So regularly cleaning up storage space can make the phone more fluid.

Turn off unnecessary APP self-starting

When the phone is turned on, some APPs have the self-starting permission by default, cancel the automatic operation of some software that does not need to run automatically, prohibit self-starting of some rarely used software, and can also release a lot of memory.