Hoopla e-Book & Comic Converter

Remove drm protection from Hoopla eBooks & Comic. Sync books with the help of Android emulator. 

Remove drm protection from Hoopla eBook & Comic

With the help of z3kit Hoopla Converter, it can easily remove drm protection from Hoopla eBook & Comic,  then you can read the books offline, and read them anywhere you like.

User Guides

Step 1: Setting up an Android emulator on your system. Please follow the link below to complete the setup.

For Windows users: https://www.z3kit.com/setting-up-a-new-android-emulator-with-android-studio-on-windows/

For MacOS users: https://www.z3kit.com/setting-up-a-new-android-emulator-with-android-studio-on-macos/

Step 2: Download the Hoopla Apk file, and install it in the Android Emulator.

Step 3: In the Android Emulator, open Hoopla App, and log in with your account. Borrow and download the books you want to convert.

Step 4: Open z3kit Hoopla e-Book Converter, the books will show in the left panel. You can drag & drop the books want to convert to the main panel.

Step 5: Click the “convert” button. That’s all.

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