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Best Nook e-books converter to remove the drm and convert Nook epub to other formats.

z3kit Nook Converter is the only tool can automate strip drm from Nook

About NOOK

The Barnes & Noble Nook (styled nook or NOOK) is a brand of e-readers developed by American book retailer Barnes & Noble,[1] based on the Android platform. The original device was announced in the U.S. in October 2009, and was released the next month.[2] The original Nook had a six-inch E-paper display and a separate, smaller color touchscreen that serves as the primary input device and was capable of Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G wireless connectivity.[3] The original Nook was followed in November 2010 by a color LCD device called the Nook Color, in June 2011 by the Nook Simple Touch,[4] and in November 2011 and February 2012 by the Nook Tablet.[5][6] On April 30, 2012, Barnes & Noble entered into a partnership with Microsoft that spun off the Nook and college businesses into a subsidiary.[7] On August 28, 2012, Barnes and Noble announced partnerships with retailers in the UK, which began offering the Nook digital products in October 2012.[8][9] In December 2014, B&N purchased Microsoft’s Nook shares, ending the partnership.[10]

Nook users may read nearly any Nook Store e-book, digital magazines or newspapers for one hour once per day while connected to a Barnes & Noble’s Wi-Fi.[11]

Convert your Nook drm-protected epubs to other format

With the help of z3kit Nook Converter, it can easily remove Nook drm and convert Nook books to epub,mobi,azw3,pdf which are supported by most popular ebook readers.

z3kit Nook Converter helps you easily remove Nook drm and convert Nook books to other formats. All you need to do is  type in your Nook account username & password, we need them to decrypt your books. “Add” the Nook file to Nook Converter, select the output format, then click on “Convert” button to get what you want. From now on, read Nook books on any device can never be so easier before.

z3kit Nook Converter can automatically load the books stored in the e-Reading Apps which installed on your computer (Windows 8/10 App Store).  And, you can get your nook e-books from any platform — Windows, MacOS, Android, ios and Nook device. z3kit Nook Converter can remove the drm from them all.


z3kit Nook Converter can easily remove Nook drm and convert Nook books to mobi, epub, azw3, pdf. And then, you can read them on any device you like. Also, you can backup all your books and share with your family and friends.

  • You need type in your Nook account username & password in z3kit Nook Converter, we need them to decrypt your books
  • You can get your Nook books from any platform — Windows, MacOS, ios, Android and Nook device. We can remove the drm from them all
Open z3kit Nook Converter, your books will be shown in the left panel
You can drag & drop any books you want to the main panel

And then, at top right corner, choose the output format you want, then click the button.