How to use z3kit VBK Downloader

z3kit VBK Downloader can help you easily download VitalSource VBK books to pdf and epub[No DRM]. You can read them anywhere you like.

z3kit VBK Downloader is very easy to use.

  1. Open z3kit VBK Downloader.
  2. In the main panel, login your VitalSource account.
  3. In you book library, select the book you want to download, open the book, download will start.
  4. Do not do anything, just wait the download complete.

Essentially, z3kit VBK Downloader is a downloader, and the exact performance is related to the quality of your Internet connection. It is very easy to use.
Because of the download, the protection mechanism of VitalSource may be triggered and the situation of verifying if the user is a robot may occur. In this case, please intervene, operate in the software interface, pass the verification, and the download will continue automatically.

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