How to use z3kit Scribd Downloader to download Scribd books and audios

z3kit Scribd Downloader User Guide

Step By Step Guide

Open z3kit Scribd Downloader, there is a popup window, it functional like a web browser. You should login to with your scribd account.

When you logged in, click the “get Scribd Saved” button on the bottom of the window. Then, we will get your books information.

click the "get Scribd Saved" button to get information of your books
Getting information of your books

Wait until get information complete. The popup window will close, and all your books will list in the left panel of the main window.

Main Window

Drag & drop the book you want to download from the left panel to the main panel. Then, click the “Download” button on the top right corner of the main window to start download.


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