How to convert Audible aaxc file to mp3, m4b

What is the New AAXC Format

The AAXC file extension is a new data file format associated to the Audible audiobooks. AAXC file extension was developed by Audible which is the enhanced format of AAX or AA. All Audible audiobooks downloaded from the new Audible app for Android or iOS are ended in the new format of AAXC instead of AAX or AA since June 2019. Files in AAXC format can be opened with Audible app on portable devices.

Why Audible Uses the New AAXC Format

At present, the new format is only applied to the audiobook downloaded from the Audible app for Android and iOS. The purpose of adopting this new AAXC format is to prevent Audible audiobooks from being decrypted. Even though you rename the extension of the file in the format of AAXC, you still cannot change the original file type. Only special conversion software can change a file from one type of file to another.

Good News -- We have break it

Our team has solved the problem of decrypting aaxc files. It’s just that Amazon hasn’t applied aaxc on the desktop, so we haven’t launched corresponding products. If you buy z3kit Audible Converter, you will get the support of aaxc to mp3 and m4b in the first time.

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