z3kit Safari Converter can easily remove drm of O’Reilly Safari Books. And then, you can read them on any device you like. Also, you can backup your favorite books.

How to use

  1. Install and set up an Android Emulator. For Windows user, set up android emulator on windows. For MacOS user, set up android emulator on MacOS.
  2. Install the O’Reilly Safari Books APK in the Emulator. Download the APK.
  3. Run the Nook App in the emulator, and download the content you want to convert.
  4. Now, you can run z3kit Safari Converter. Do not close the Android Emulator, when you run our software.
  5. The downloaded file will be displayed in the left panel.
  6. Drag the book you want to convert to the right panel. Click the Convert button.