Let Kindle email push support epub format e-books

Everyone who uses Amazon Kindle Personal Document Service knows that when e-books are pushed by email, the supported file types do not include the epub format. If you want to push this format, you need to convert it into software such as Calibre or KindleGen mobi format only. What if I do n’t have software installed or only have a mobile phone in hand? Is there a more convenient way?

EPUB (short for Electronic Publication) is an electronic book standard. There is a definition in Wikipedia: EPub files use XHTML or DTBook internally to display text, and wrap the file content in a zip compression format. In other words, the epub format is actually a zip compression package. You can directly use the decompression software to release the e-book source files inside.

Amazon’s Kindle personal document service supports pushing ZIP format files, so in principle, you can directly change the extension of ePub files to .zip and then push them to Amazon’s personal document server for conversion to Kindle format. However, in actual use, this often causes problems. The server often converts the files in the compressed package separately, so you will get a lot of fragmented files.

Therefore, in order to increase the chance of successful conversion, it is recommended to change the extension .epub to .html (Personal Document Service also supports pushing HTML format files). For example, if you want to push the e-book “Jobs.epub”, change it to “Jobs.html” so that the server does not try to parse the contents like it does in the ZIP format, but only converts it as a single HTML file.

Because the source file in epub format conforms to Amazon’s KF8 standard, Amazon’s personal document server will convert the contents of the compressed package into the azw3 format. Of course, there is also a small regret. The server only displays the cover for e-books of the standard mobi7, and the cover of the kf8 standard does not display properly. So, if you don’t mind the small problem of the cover display, you can use the method of this article.