How to remove e-book digital copyright protection(drm)

What is digital copyright protection

In the past, people bought paper books and paid them once, and the books were completely owned by individuals. We can let friends and relatives borrow.
After entering the digital age, booksellers will add digital copyright protection to books. In this way, it can only be read by the user, and users cannot share books with relatives and friends. To some extent, booksellers limit our right to buy books for ourselves.

This is unfair. We need to have absolute ownership of the books we buy like paper books. At least we can back up our books and share them with friends and family. Of course, we do not advocate sharing the contents of the book on the Internet, which will damage the interests of book sellers and authors, which is unfair to them.

How to backup books and share books

To back up books and share books, we must remove the digital rights protection of the booksellers. We provide tools that can remove the digital copyright protection of the four major booksellers: Kindle, Audible, Kobo, and Nook. Using the tools we provide, you can easily remove its protection measures, and then back up books and share borrowings with relatives and friends.